Lesson 4: Following Up and Reporting

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How do I report my efforts to ward leaders?

Be sure to share your experiences with the leaders in the ward. You may be asked to attend presidency meetings or ward council. Describe how each member is progressing and the type of encouragement each member may need.

How do I report my efforts to the Area Presidency?

Any information you can provide about your efforts, the individuals you meet with, and the type of education plans created will help improve training for this calling. It will also help the Utah Area Presidency understand what options and efforts are helping members most.

Use the report form to provide information about collaboration with ward leaders, individuals you are assisting, and completed applications to institutions.

Orientation Complete!

Thank you for taking time to understand the roles and responsibilities of the stake education mentor calling. Since this is a new calling, we are looking for your feedback. Please complete the feedback form linked below.

Look for an email regarding ongoing training from a BYU-Pathway representative.

Feedback Form