Thank You!

Utah Area YSA Conference

The 2023 Together in Christ Utah Area YSA Conference was an absolute whirlwind of love, unity, and record-breaking moments as over 50,000 YSAs attended the 5 different events throughout the Utah Area YSA Conference!

With nearly 15,000 concert-goers jamming to OneRepublic’s hits, 7,500 people dancing to Kaskade’s beats, 2,000+ people running to the temple, 12,800 people listening to Apostle Elder D. Todd Christofferson, 770,000 meals prepared for those in need, 3,326 incredible tours of the ancient tabernacle, and a whopping 6,796 participants setting a world record for the largest speed dating event ever, we've proven that Together, and with Christ, all things are possible! 

We are grateful for the thousands of YSAs who participated in the events throughout August 2023!